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Alpe Adria cycle route: from the heart of the Alps to the Adriatic

Considered one of the most beautiful cycling paths in Europe, the Alpe Adria Cycle Path runs between Austria and Italy for 425 km and joins, passing through the Alps, the city of Salzburg with that of Grado, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea.
The route is extremely varied, with sections presenting diverse characteristics. It passes in fact through numerous natural environments such as forests and alpine valleys, following the path of streams and rivers, through ancient mediaeval villages rich in history that are worth visiting for their beauty.
Altogether the whole cycle route is well signposted and accessible to anyone who is not an experienced cyclist: there are still however some as yet incomplete alternative sections to the cycle path.
It is not unusual on the Alpe Adria to meet both cyclists who cover the entire 400 km, as well as families with children who travel short distances, especially at locations that are highly attractive both from a naturalistic and historic point of view.
Entirely completing the cycle path takes at least a week, during which the journey can be divided into 8 stages of about 50 km each:
• Salzburg- Bischofshofen
• Bischofshofen - Bad Gastein
• Bad Gastein - Spittal an der Drau
• Spittal an der Drau - Villach
• Villach - Tarvisio
• Tarvisio - Carnia di Venzone
• Carnia di Venzone - Udine
• Udine - Grado
Our Hotel is located 7 km from Resiutta, where at this point the cycle path that follows the old railway cutting ends and it is easily reached from the main road leading to Venzone.
We are ideally located  either for those of you who are following the entire cycle path, since you can stay with us between one stage and the next, enjoying a well deserved rest and our restaurant, or for those who prefer to make a quick stop for refreshments during the day and then head off again.
The landscape that opens up before the cyclists on this section is probably the most impressive of the entire route: viaducts, tunnels and bridges, whose construction dates from the late nineteenth century; one by one filling those who pass through them with a sense of wonder revelling in the picturesque views that make all your effort worthwhile.
In addition, Venzone can be found a few kilometres to the south of our Hotel; a mediaeval village consecrated as a National Monument in 1965 and recently included among the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy".
Its historic centre appears as a little pearl enclosed by walls and a moat, through which there are 4 entrances. The narrow internal streets, the cathedral, the main square and the historic buildings are the main attractions, along with the famous exhibition of mummies, in St. Michael's chapel, located in the courtyard of the Cathedral of St. Andrea. Here you can in fact observe 5 of the original 21, perfectly preserved mummies found in the area adjacent to the cathedral.
The distinctiveness and renowned merits of Venzone (including the Gold Medal of Civil Merit) stem mainly from the preservation and reconstruction of the historical heritage (stone by stone), following the 1976 earthquake that destroyed the village. The Tiere Motus museum, located in the centre, perfectly illustrates this, starting from the fateful day of 6 May 1976 through all the phases of its reconstruction.
Thanks to a strong desire and innovative restoration techniques we can now admire a village that has maintained the features and charm that have always characterized it and that continue to charm its many annual visitors with its historical centre and narrow streets.
Taking the other direction, i.e. heading towards Pontebba, it is definitely worth stopping at the former railway station of Chiusaforte that houses the fascinating museum dedicated to the history of the Pontebba railway.