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Regional Natural Park of the Julian Prealps

 The Regional Natural Park of the Julian Prealps was established in 1996 and extends over just under 100 km2 including the territory of the municipalities of Chiusaforte, Lusevera, Moggio Udinese, Resia, Resiutta and Venzone in the province of Udine.

It includes the highest parts of the chains of Mount Plauris (1958 m), the Musi Mountains (1869 m) and Mount Canin (2587 m), descending to a level that corresponds with the hamlet of Povici in Resiutta and in the Valle del Torrente Mea in Lusevera. The specific nature of the area is determined by the convergence of three different biogeographical areas: Mediterranean, Illyrian and Alpine, which help to determine an extraordinary biodiversity.


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